Celebration Summer, from the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC, began as a message board posting in late 2019 when bassist Greg Raelson sought out members to bring forth from the ashes a style reminiscent of the late 80’s/early 90’s melodic punk rock he grew up on. Joined by drummer Glenn Boysko and guitarist Dan Hauser, both formerly of the DC band Confidence Man and notable ska side project The Captivators, the trio recruited newcomer Nate Falger to assume the duties of singer/guitarist.

With a pounding rhythm section punctuated by Boysko’s intricate drumming and Raelson’s melodic bass while incorporating Hauser’s driving guitars and Falger’s poignant lyricism, visceral vocal stylings, and angular guitar structures, Celebration Summer hit the ground running with anthemic, progressive songs capturing the struggles of modern life in Trump/post-Trump-era America.

Celebration Summer, whose name is a mash-up of sorts, pays homage to the iconic Hüsker Dü song Celebrated Summer and Washington DC hardcore’s significant social and activist “Revolution Summer” of 1985.

They have shared the stage with notable acts such as Anti-Flag, The Suicide Machines, Ignite, The Messthetics (ex-Fugazi), Dave Smalley (Dag Nasty, All), and many others.

Their debut EP, Against The Gun, was released digitally by Little Rocket Records and on vinyl by Shield Recordings, and their follow-up full length LP, Patience In Presence, was released by A-F Records (US) and Shield (EU/UK).


“These guys make the perfect counter to anyone who says there’s no ‘good’ punk rock these days.” – Dying Scene

“9.1/10…These guys fucking get it, this is how you write a good modern punk rock album…Fucking A+” – Blood Makes Noise


"Celebration Summer is a band that lives up to its name with infectious melody, triumphant riffs, and concise lyrics… A brilliant encapsulation of classic post-punk like the most uplifting Fugazi moments and melodic hardcore like late 90’s Hot Water Music." - Chris #2 (Anti-Flag)

"A delicious cocktail of post hardcore which consists of one dash Dag Nasty, one dash Hot Water Music, and a splash of Hüsker Dü." - Andy Slania (The Eradicator)

"Full-on, high-octane road trip tunes. Crank ‘er up and let ‘er rip!" - Brian Brannon (JFA)

"A tight, solid, spirited slab of lean DC punk."- Clint Conley (Mission of Burma)


Leatherface, Tiltwheel, Samiam, Hot Water Music, Dag Nasty, etc.